See 3 New Murals in Coachman Park

Meet The Artist

Coachman Park received a mural makeover last Sunday, October 29th at the Art in the Park event. The event showcased stunning live mural paintings by talented artists Sonny Sundancer, Ernesto Maranje, and Alyssa Dunlap invigorating Downtown Clearwater’s art scene. This event brought together over 100 local vendors and artisans, displaying a diverse array of creations. Clearwater Arts Alliance hosted a special Public Art Walk which showcased Clearwater’s public art, from vibrant signal boxes to impactful storm drain transformations. During the event, the Clearwater Public Library held a competition for the best art vendor to win the opportunity to showcase their artwork in a Clearwater city building. Sculptor Felipe Lopez won for his innovative artwork made from recycled materials. The first Art in the Park celebration highlighted Clearwater’s thriving art scene and brought a transformative experience to Downtown Clearwater.

Sonny Sundancer

Sonny Behan, also known as Sonny Sundancer, is an acclaimed artist renowned for his magnificent large-scale wildlife murals and intricately detailed oil paintings. His art, which seamlessly blends realism with abstraction, can be found in galleries and streets worldwide, from South Africa to New York. His bold use of color and dynamic compositions capture the movement of the animals he brings to life.

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Ernesto Maranje

Ernesto Maranje is a Cuban-American artist born in Chicago. Ernesto’s work explores flora and fauna, biological evolution, and plant and animal relationships. He renders these ideas with acrylic and spray paint on large-scale murals and canvases

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Alyssa Marie

Alyssa is from Littleton, Colorado. She moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2017 where she followed her love of the ocean and color. She now works on community murals all around the country.




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