Mural Program

Explore our Downtown Clearwater murals here and learn how we are creating a high-quality public realm which weaves art and culture, plus innovative technology, into the fabric of everyday life in our unique urban environment. We invite you to share your photos with us at #muralsofclearwater

New Mural Forum

Are you an artist seeking a wall for your next mural, or a business owner seeking an artist for a mural on your property? Join our forum and get engaged with our community. We continue to look for opportunities to expand and grow our murals throughout downtown.


The City of Clearwater Community Redevelopment Agency in early 2023 will be launching ARTours: A Journey Through Downtown Clearwater’s Murals with Augmented Reality, a unique partnership built by the University of South Florida’s Access 3D Lab. The team has scanned four murals and will develop augmented reality content that will bring these murals to life in unexpected ways.

Arts and Culture Tour

Check out where our murals live, as well as our other public art sites through the Downtown Clearwater area using our online tour.

Art in the Park

Coachman Park received a mural makeover, October 2023 during the Art in the Park event. The event showcased stunning live mural paintings by talented artists Sonny Sundancer, Ernesto Maranje, and Alyssa Dunlap invigorating Downtown Clearwater’s art scene. This event brought together over 100 local vendors and artisans, displaying a diverse array of creations.

Mural Guide


Comunidad is a celebration of cultural diversity, and shows empowered, united women who form a network and community. Uruguayan artists Florencia Duran and Camilo Nunez use sketches of real women to inform their murals and portraits.

View the making of the mural HERE.

Artist: Camilo Nuñez and Florencia Durán | Colectivo Licuado Facebook | Camilo Nuñez Instagram | Florencia Durán Instagram

Completed: December 2018

Location: 28 North Garden Avenue, Clearwater, FL, USA

One Hundred Years Before J. Cole

One Hundred Years Before J. Cole, located at 620 Drew St. Husband and wife team Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol were inspired by the history of the region. The Orange Belt Railway, a narrow-gauge railway that cut through citrus groves, was founded in 1885. The safety bicycle (modern bicycle design) was also placed into production that same year. The artists were also inspired by J. Cole’s song “1985,” which is largely about how things evolve and change, but are still rooted in elements of history. Today, the route of the Orange Belt Railway is the Pinellas Trail, and is used mostly by bicycles. The mural showcases a visual juxtaposition of coincidences.

View the making of the mural HERE.

Artist: Tony Krol and Michelle Sawyer | Illsol Facebook | Illsol Instagram

Completed: December 2018

Location: 620 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL, USA

Elysian Days

Elysian Days, located at 512 Cleveland St. Inspired by the rainforest and the transformative power of nature, artist Cecilia Lueza softened and enlightened a blank wall with bright colors and shapes found in the natural world.

See an interview with Lueza HERE.

Artist: Cecilia Lueza | Cecilia Lueza Art Projects Facebook | Cecilia Lueza Art Projects Instagram

Completed: January 2019

Location: 512 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL, USA

Peace Offering

Peace Offering, located at 1360 Cleveland St. Peace Offering pays homage to Florida’s rich Native American history. Inspired by the Florida seal, found in the heart of the Florida state flag, Brian McAllister and the Gibbs High School Mural Club depict a woman protecting the land from a storm on the horizon.

See the mural painting in action and hear from the muralists HERE.

Artists: Brian McAllister and the students at the Gibbs High School Mural Club | Gibbs High School | Gibbs Mural Club Facebook | Gibbs-Mural-Club Instagram

Completed: August 2020

Location: 1360 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL, USA


Ikebana depicts an ikebana flower arrangement. Unites States based artist, DAAS, is a contemporary artist, internationally recognized for his vibrant, engaging paintings and murals. Working globally, DAAS’ artwork utilizes a combination of abstract and representational imagery, driven by a distinct color palette and design aesthetic which incorporates bold shapes and organic forms saturated in vivid colors, to create larger-than-life artworks focused on bringing a sense of beauty and inspiration into the surrounding space.

Artist: DAAS’ | DAAS Facebook | DAAS Instagram

Completed: June 2021

Location: 703 Franklin Street, Clearwater, FL, USA

After A While

After a While is a whimsical painting of a woman and her pet alligator out for a walk. Santa Rosa, California-based artist MJ Lindo-Lawyer is a nationally recognized muralist known for her depictions of multi-cultural women alongside animal companions, evoking fantastical worlds.

Artists: MJ Lindo-Lawyer and Joshua Lawyer  |  MJ Lindo Art Facebook  |   MJ Lindo Instagram  |  Joshua Llawyer Artist Facebook  |  Joshua Lawyer Instagram

Completed: August 2021

Location: 315 South East Avenue, Clearwater, FL, USA


Summertime is an intersection mural inspired by the beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast. The design explores the visual effects of color and geometry while activating the intersection and providing a welcoming focal point for downtown Clearwater. The goal of the project is to build community pride, encourage a stronger community identity and provide visual landmarks for the city.

Artist: Cecilia Lueza | Cecilia Lueza Art Projects Facebook | Cecilia Lueza Art Projects Instagram

Completed: June 2021

Location: Cleveland Street & North Garden Avenue, Clearwater, FL, USA

Sonny Sundancer

Sonny Behan, also known as Sonny Sundancer, is an acclaimed artist renowned for his magnificent large-scale wildlife murals and intricately detailed oil paintings. His art, which seamlessly blends realism with abstraction, can be found in galleries and streets worldwide, from South Africa to New York. His bold use of color and dynamic compositions capture the movement of the animals he brings to life.

Instagram | Gallery

Completed: October 2023

Location: Coachman Park

Ernesto Maranje

Ernesto Maranje is a Cuban-American artist born in Chicago. Ernesto’s work explores flora and fauna, biological evolution, and plant and animal relationships. He renders these ideas with acrylic and spray paint on large-scale murals and canvases

Facebook | Instagram | Gallery

Completed: October 2023

Location: Coachman Park

Alyssa Marie

Alyssa is from Littleton, Colorado. She moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2017 where she followed her love of the ocean and color. She now works on community murals all around the country.


Completed: October 2023

Location: Coachman Park