The City of Clearwater’s Community Redevelopment Agency trustees and staff are committed to developing programs and initiatives that drive local economic development in Downtown Clearwater.


Hon. Frank Hibbard

Hon. Mark Bunker

Hon. Kathleen Beckman

Hon. David Allbritton

Hon. Lina Teixeira


Contact Matt for mixed use development project information in Downtown Clearwater, and best local paddle boarding locations.

Matt Jackson

CRA Assistant Director

Contact Howard for the CRA’s grant programs, starting or operating a business in Downtown Clearwater, and how to win at Monopoly, Jenga or Uno.

Howard Smith

CRA Business Assistance Administrator

Contact Eric for Downtown Clearwater’s placemaking initiatives, storytelling projects, special events, media inquiries, and scenic running trails.

Eric Santiago

CRA Public Relations & Programs Manager

Contact Anne about the CRA’s Mural Programs, CRA budgeting, programs and projects, and to learn what the toddler movie of the week is.

Anne Lopez

CRA Program Specialist