The City of Clearwater’s Community Redevelopment Agency trustees and staff are committed to developing programs and initiatives that drive local economic development in Downtown Clearwater.


Bruce Rector

Ryan Cotton

Mike Mannino

David Allbritton

Lina Teixeira


Jesus Niño

CRA Executive Director

Contact Anne about information related to Downtown CRA, North Greenwood CRA and the Downtown Development Board, and to know what’s the popular kids movie/ show of the week is.

Anne Lopez

Senior CRA Division Manager

Contact Eric for CRA placemaking initiatives, storytelling projects, media inquiries, and scenic running trails.

Eric Santiago

CRA Manager: Urban Planning & Information

Contact Vickie for programs, partnership opportunities, grants, events and what’s happening in the CRA, and to brush up on your tap, jazz, or ballet moves.

Vickie Shire

CRA Manager: Programs

Contact Tasha for information on CRA news, communications, media inquiries, and the latest on color matching trends.

Tasha Hadley

CRA Specialist

Contact Julia for information regarding grants and business opportunities within the CRA, and to discover coffee shops in the area.

Julia Baltas

CRA Specialist