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Letters of Interest


Adaptive Reuse of the former Fire Station 45 site 

Published on: January 7, 2019

Summary of the Offering

The Clearwater Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is soliciting letters of interest for the adaptive reuse of the former Fire Station 45 building and site in downtown Clearwater. This property may be declared surplus by the City of Clearwater in the next two years and the CRA would like to determine if there is any interest by private developers in adaptive reuse for this site. The property is currently owned by the City of Clearwater and has not been declared surplus.

Letters of Interest are being sought to help gauge the type and extent of interest in the reuse of the property, provide opportunities for redevelopers to identify other entities that may be interested in participating as tenants or co-developers, and to generally inform the preparation and issuance of the final Request for Proposals, if warranted.

Site Description

The subject property is the former site of Fire Station 45 which was relocated to Court Street in 2014. The site is approximately 1 acre and the two-story building contains 22,566 square feet of gross floor area. It is zoned D – Downtown. The building condition was evaluated in 2008 by HDR against the 2004 Florida Building Code. The report concluded the building is suitable for substantial renovation and recommends replacement of the exterior cladding, roof and windows. A summary of the conditions report is available at this link. A map of the site is available here.

Downtown Redevelopment Plan

The City of Clearwater and the CRA adopted the Clearwater Downtown Redevelopment Plan in 2018 which outlines several goals to revitalize downtown. Strategies include adaptive reuse of historic buildings, increasing walkability and access to transit as well as encouraging new businesses to attract residents and visitors to downtown. The full plan can be viewed here: https://www.myclearwater.com/government/city-departments/planning-development/downtown-plan-update. Any proposed redevelopment of this site must be consistent with the redevelopment plan.

Redevelopment Grants and Incentives

A fundamental goal of the sale of this site to other entities is to create a financially sustainable future which will require no City or CRA funds for future operating and maintenance expenses once the lease or sale has been executed. The CRA currently has façade grants available and limited funds for environmental remediation.

Submittal Requirements and Process

Letters of Interest will provide the CRA with the ability to better understand the type and level of interest in this building and will provide input to the CRA on possible reuse scenarios or considerations.

Submittal Components:

  1. Identification – Please identify the responding entity.
  2. Contact information – Please provide the contact name, address, telephone number, fax number and email of the responding entity.
  3. Basis of interest – Please describe the intended use, parking needs and desired changes to the site and/or building.
  4. Financial information – Do you anticipate requesting either a long-term lease or a sale of the premises? Please describe how the proposed reuse will cover all associated ongoing operating and maintenance costs. Do you anticipate a request for public funding to support the redevelopment of the site/building?
  5. Relevant experience – Please furnish information regarding the entity’s experience with adaptive reuse of buildings and/or the proposed use(s).

Anticipated Schedule and Process

Site visits will be available after February 15, 2019 and can be scheduled by contacting:

Rob Brzak        Robert.Brzak@myclearwater.com
Real Estate Services Coordinator        (727) 562-4754

Letters of Interest are due no later than Monday, April 8, 2019 at 12 noon to:

Anne Fogarty France
CRA Business Assistance Manager
(727) 562-4044

Please email one (1) electronic copy in PDF format to anne.fogarty-france@myclearwater.com

The CRA will acknowledge the receipt of all LOIs. After a 45-day LOI review period beginning April 8, 2019, the CRA will notify all interested entities if a RFP for the site will be released.