Short Film Contest 2019

The Clearwater Arts Alliance, Downtown Development Board and city of Clearwater Community Redevelopment Agency partnered to find new voices in the Clearwater community to share authentic stories of Downtown Clearwater. We asked for short films (up to 60 seconds) featuring the unique sights, sounds and locations of downtown, using uncommon and inventive perspectives.

Entries were judged by a panel of filmmakers, artists, community members and downtown business owners. The finalists will be used in an upcoming social media marketing campaign focused on authentic stories and perspectives of Downtown Clearwater. Finalists and winners will be also be featured at


Winners and Finalists


First Place: Deanna Dys

“Downtown Shuffle”

A fun and vibrant look at some of the great things to see and do while visiting Clearwater, Florida. For a good time, shuffle on over to Downtown Clearwater.

Dancing Tourist: Deanna Dys
Producer/Director: Deanna Dys
Cinematographer: Zachary Twitty
Editing: Deanna Dys / Zachary Twitty
Soundtrack: Ditch Diggin’ by the Jingle Punks
(courtesy of YouTube Music Library)

Special Thanks:

The City of Clearwater
St. Petersburg-Clearwater Film Commission
Clear Sky on Cleveland
Pour Yours
Soul Sicilian Fusion
Vector Bar & Arcade

Deanna Dys is a national award winning director/choreographer whose credits include
Broadway, Film, and Television. For more info please go to:

Second Place: F. “Dondi” Gutierrez

“Bright and Beautiful”

Although our beaches are the best in Florida, Downtown Clearwater is unknown to the rest of us. Modern statutes, murals, breweries, street festivals, ethnic restaurants and a historic theater line up on Cleveland Street, providing residents and visitors, a unique and vibrant venue. We capture this and more in our Bright & Beautiful video.

Bright & Beautiful was produced and directed by, editing & music selection by

Third Place: Kevin Nodland

“City of Clearwater”

My video is a combination of photos I took in downtown Clearwater. They show some cool places, nice architecture, different artwork, and just a good view of the city. I used jazz music to represent the Clearwater Jazz Festival. I colored and cropped the photos to really see them through an artist’s eye. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching.

Kevin Nodland, Nodz, Nodz Art


Stephanie Hurst

My video is meant to have a home grown feel to it, capitalizing on the experiences I get to have everyday downtown. I was born and raised in Clearwater Florida and downtown has always meant a lot to me. I see it as a hidden gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle; a place to reflect and enjoy. I hope my video helps you feel what I feel everyday walking through the area…this was all shot on my phone and edited using the resources I had available to me right here in Downtown Clearwater.


Jonah Mohajeri

“Beauty of Downtown Clearwater”

Downtown Clearwater is a great place to wind down, watch a sunset, and enjoy a nice walk.

Song: Caleb Belkin – Waiting For you

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