Placemaking and Resident Engagement Grant Program

Provide support and funding to those who are interested in making a positive change through placemaking that assists in transforming Downtown Clearwater into a destination filled with a variety of active, beautiful, and creative public places.


Calling all residents, nonprofits, community groups, artists, businesses, and property owners who want to transform Downtown Clearwater’s public spaces to apply for the new Placemaking and Resident Engagement Grant Program.


  • Infuse downtown with innovative and thriving public spaces​.​
  • Increase and diversify placemaking within downtown by making it easier for new producers and community leaders to enhance the community.
  • Incentivize those looking to energize downtown by connecting employees to downtown and connecting residents to downtown, providing opportunities for these groups to take pride in their community.
  • Provide additional support for those who wish to engage downtown employees, children and implement art/tech projects.


Project will fall under one of the four categories:

  • Standard Placemaking 
    Often known simply as “placemaking” or Traditional Placemaking, is the universal term for the process of creating places where people want to be. ​Usually, this process consists of small projects and/or activities that engage and empower people while improving the quality of a place for a period of time.
  • Creative Placemaking
    Brings arts and cultural activities to the forefront with projects limited only by the creative forces that fuel each unique idea. Creative Placemaking animates spaces bringing diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired within each place.​
  • Tactical Placemaking
    Is the process of creating quality places through small projects and short-term activities. These planned projects are often temporary, low-cost, completed in phases, or take place in already established public spaces. These projects work to efficiently generate new uses of spaces and maximize their use for enhanced purposes. ​
  • Resident Outreach
    Programs that connect Clearwater residents to downtown to create new advocates for downtown’s public spaces and businesses.

Project will enhance one of the following eligible places located within the CRA boundaries:

  • Cleveland Street closure 
    (400-500 blocks) ​
  • Pinellas Trail
  • Prospect Lake Park
  • Station Square Park 
  • Underutilized or under beautified locations
  • Vacant lots/storefronts
  • Other locations 
    Where need for change can be demonstrated, approved on a case-by-case basis.


Eligible projects will fall under one of the three categories:


  • Art installations, sculptures, displays, or decorations ​​
  • Street, alley, parking lot, vacant lot, park or plaza improvements


  • Activations of arts, cultural programming and performance art
  • Park enhancements, parklets, people spots​​
  • Interactive and technological advancements


  • Community relationship building
  • Place Branding
  • Community gardens
  • Recreational spaces, physical activities, bike or pedestrian improvements



The first recipient of the Placemaking Grant Program was awarded to Clearwater Community Sailing Center for their “Winds of Change” pop-up art installation in Station Square Park.