Experience the art exhibit in Downtown Clearwater!

Experience the natural beauty and boldness of Clyde Butcher. The depth and technical achievement of Clyde Butcher’s photographs have earned him the recognition of being the foremost landscape photographic artist in America of the 21st century.

Clyde’s black and white monumental photographs have been exhibited in museums around the world and will soon be on display within a unique gallery in Downtown Clearwater.

Clearwater Public Library Main Branch
100 N Osceola Avenue
Downtown Clearwater, FL

Now through May 31, 2022

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The Exhibit

“America’s Everglades”, is an accumulation of images from Clyde’s beloved Everglades, a unique environment he discovered when he moved to Florida in 1980. Having come from California, the Everglades offered a mysterious and beautiful habitat to explore. When he heard that the Everglades were in danger of dying, he began using his images in an effort to help the people of Florida understand the beauty of the environment they would lose if nothing were done to save the Everglades.

“It is my hope that the vision I give to you of the Everglades will inspire you to love and protect it for generations to come”
– Clyde Butcher.

The Gallery

Located inside of the Clearwater Public Library Main Branch located at 100 N Osceola Avenue.

  • FREE admission
  • FREE parking

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